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I’m from the Netherlands, and currently have a Discord community with over 800 traders/investors that value my experience and opinion on the markets and trading stocks.

However, this community is all in Dutch. Which I believe you don’t speak or understand.

So I’m building up another community in English to be able to provide a whole lot more value to you as a trader.

I wanted to know if that is something you might be interested in?

What to expect:
– Weekly market updates
– Weekly watchlists of the best stocks
– Daily updates on the watchlists
– Buy and sell alerts
– Complete utline of my personal trading strategy
– Lessons on how to use technical analysis the right way, without complicating it.
– Fundamental analysis of the numbers that do matter
– Deep-dive stock reports
– Access to my Strategy document
– Access to my Position Calculator
– Access to my Trading Performance Tracking Sheet

And I’d like to host periodic Master Classes where I go over specific subjects and answer any questions from you.

That is currently what I offer in Dutch as well.

The monthly investment for new members is $49, or $490 per year.

But since you were already interested in CANSLIM chart book I’m offering it to you at $29 per month. Without any future raises.

Or a further discount for a yearly membership at $290 (getting two months free).

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